Our Program...

We are an apparel + lifestyle boutique featuring women’s apparel, jewelry, accessories, and skincare. We are looking for brand ambassadors to help us promote our uniquely curated image and to help grow brand awareness. 

The ideal Simplicity in Mind customer is a creative woman, who wants to look like herself + not the masses. Although fashion is important to her, she is too busy enjoying life to be following all the latest trends. She gravitates towards simple yet boho pieces, comfortable yet still adventurous. 

Who are we looking for? 

We are looking for dedicated brand ambassadors who share our passion for beautiful things. Your following on social media is not important to us. What is important, is that you will be able to capture what Simplicity in Mind is through your photos + social media posts.

If you feel like we'd be a good match, please fill out the form below + someone will be in contact with you shortly.



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