How to Wear Your Cut Offs

Whether it's day or night, your lounging or going out for a drink, we have the perfect pair of cut offs that can be styled for either event. Now that it's summer, it's getting a little too hot for a pair of jeans. You might think it's a good idea till your dripping sweat and wanting to leave your friends early just to go home and change. (If your trying to say this hasn't happened to you, your lying) Well, after multiple times after that happening to me, I finally gave in and bought a pair of Unpublished stella cut offs. And, I must say I have not once regretted this decision. Yes, it means I have to shave my legs and put on lotion, but I'm no longer uncomfortable in my outfit that I once thought was super cute.

The good thing about cut offs is they can be styled any way you want. If your just running out of the house to go do some errands, meet a friend for a bite to eat or shopping around town, you can style the shorts with a comfy casual tee.

Or, if your going on a date, meeting up with some friends at a concert, or throwing a bbq, you can throw on a cute blouse or flowy crop top to make the outfit look a little fancier and more put together. Either way, the denim cut offs are a perfect addition to your summer wardrobe. They match just about everything and look super cute and flattering too. The best part of all is you won't be sweating your little booty off and you can actually enjoy all of your summer activities.


Written by: Taylor Farriss for Simplicity In Mind