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Everyone loves a good piece of handmade jewelry. Allison Jenetopulos is a metalsmith and jewelry maker who hand makes all of her items from her workspaces in Miami, FL and Chicago, IL. Each piece of jewelry is created from start to finish simply by hand. Lucky for you, we carry several of her pieces here in our store.

She uses her own hand picked stones that she collects from local shops or throughout her travels. She likes to focus on one particular piece at a time, putting love and creativity into each item she creates. Each stone is encased and transformed to be part of something larger, through sawing, hammering, soldering and rolling; it is a labor of love.

Her pieces are definitely unique and unlike any others we've seen. 

One of our favorite styles is the Sun Ring. ** see below

The Sun Ring comes in brass and sterling silver, both of which we have for sale here in the store.

If you love the ring, you'll love the cuff too. It's always fun to have your accessories match and these are definitely some summer must haves. 

Feel free to check out some of her other awesome pieces here. 

And, if you are interested in watching the process of exactly how she creates such beautiful jewelry, watch the video below! 

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