UnPublished Jeans

As we give you an insight into Simplicity In Mind, get to know our favorite denim brand, Unpublished- Jeans to feed your indigo soul. This brand has a love for ingenuity and the fearlessness to express themselves. Unpublished does not care about the name on the tags. To make it clearer they wear what they want, when they want, and how they want it. 

As you feel the texture on Unpublished Jeans you will notice the quality is delicate and extensible. This is due to the fact they are 47% Cotton, 35% Rayon and 17% Polyester which makes the jeans feel just right on your body as you gradually slip them on. If you want jeans that fit you in all the right places just try them out yourself and you will fall in love with them as much as we do. 

Unpublished is all about standing for what is real when it comes to their quality; no fluff and all substance. Which ties into what we represent here at Simplicity In Mind. We want you to feel confident and comfortable as you slip on those new pair of slick jeans. Come by freely to our store and you will see these are the jeans you have been looking for.

Written by Gabriella Cuesta for Simplicity in Mind

Photographed by Rachel Calvelli