Good HYOUman

Good HYOUman was created by Brett Novek in memory of his father, David Novek. Their mission is to create and deliver unbelievably comfortable clothing (yes, please) and unique accessories to make you feel good. 

Still unsure about it? Good hYOUman collaborates with other hYOUmans to create limited edition shirt concepts. Each collaboration is featured on the website and where it is shared with other good hYOUmans of the community. 

Each delivery features a story about a struggle someone has gone through, or is currently experiencing. The tag provides a detailed story of that specific struggle, and allows the consumer to get a better idea of the inspiration behind the concept of their tee. Each season features a new inspirational story on the back of the hangtag. 

In addition to sharing their stories, good hYOUman gives a portion of the sales from the design to a cause of their choice. I think its safe to say Brett Novek is what they call a good hYOUman.


Manufactured in Los Angeles, CA, Good hYOUman strives to produce a product with a lived-in feel. Their yarns are carefully sourced and garments are individually dyed to create the PERFECT feel.  I promise I’m not lying when I say PERFECT. If I could pick one tee to live in for the rest of my life, it would be theirs. 

Come stop by our shop to pick up your new favorite tee. I promise you will not be disappointed. Not only will you make the best purchase of your life, but your money is going to a good cause, so don't feel bad for buying them all (thats what I like to tell myself).