Briland Blu: The Perfect Summer Beach Towel

Briland Blu was created by Cristina Covert, lover of all things beach related. Briland Blu is a lifestyle brand that strives to be luxurious, comfortable, chic and unpretentious. They hold many of the same values that we do here at Simplicity in Mind. Those of you who are familiar with the islands of the Bahamas know that “Briland” is a nickname for Harbour Island, a small beautiful island located on the northeast coast of Eleuthera. The name for her brand was inspired by her love for the Bahamas, Briland specifically. 

Originally made in Turkey, each towel is made from the highest quality cotton products. Turkish beach towels are known to be as absorbent as traditional towels but their popularity stems from their unique look. Not to mention, they take up less room and dry very quickly.

Briland Blu towels are the perfect beach accessory to add to your beach bag this summer. They are extremely lightweight and easy to lug around. They barley take up any space in your beach bag leaving more room for the important things like snacks and magazines.

As an avid beach goer, Turkish towels are definitely my towel of choice. I love being different which is why I love the fact that each towel is different from the others. Whenever I take a trip to the beach , I definatley do not travel lightly. Having a light-weight towel makes carrying my things all that easier. Not to mention, they're much cuter than any other towel I've seen. And of course, who doesn't want to look cute at the beach? 

Written by Taylor Farriss for Simplicity in Mind

Photographed by Rachel Calvelli