Simplicity in Mind was founded on the minimalist’s approach to life. Identify the essential and eliminate the rest. At Simplicity in Mind our styling and merchandise reflect the idea of less is more. Everything in the boutique is situated to create an atmosphere of relaxation and inspiration, that will extend to personal style as well as everyday life. We pride ourselves with sourcing all clothing choices from small business vendors as well as having jewelry and lifestyle pieces that come from all around the United States and Canada.

Simplicity in Mind is a boutique that combines vintage and modern design elements. Rachel, the shop owner often adds her personal touch by creating the handmade displays throughout the store. The shop's aesthetic is greatly influenced by timeless and modern pieces, floral display work, and street art. If you stop by the store you will find a mural painted by LA Street artist WRD SMTH.

At Simplicity In Mind we urge you to choose pieces that help showcase your own personal style. While fashions change, style reflects the transient nature of time, providing a glimpse to who you are. Style is about telling a story through mood, nature and setting. We cultivate a unique collection of casual everyday pieces as well as handmade accessories and lifestyle goods. We gravitate towards an effortless bohemian style, but tend to choose pieces that are timeless so you may wear them for years to come.

The owner, Rachel, is conscious that every women is unique in her lifestyle and body type and so she works hard to ensure the shop has flattering options for different kinds of women. Life should be simple. At Simplicity in Mind, style can become effortless.


Almost two years ago, Rachel Calvelli opened Simplicity in Mind with a dream of empowering women of all shapes and sizes with the freedom and knowledge to develop their own unique style.

Many people wait years living other people’s dreams. For the shop owner, Rachel Calvelli, a tragic car accident in 2012 woke her up to the concept of fleeting time. Using the experience and knowledge gained while working for Bloomingdales setting up pop up shops and also in a local boutique while she was attending Parson’s School of Design, she found the courage to start her business, live her dream and open Simplicity in Mind. 

Rachel is always around to help customers of all sizes to assemble outfits, choose the right accessories, and create the perfect first impression. It’s like having a free personal stylist to help make the shopping experience easy and enjoyable.